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4 May 2022

Brand refresh & site launch!

Today, we’re delighted to launch the next chapter of Form.

Celebrating our 8th year in business we decided to take the opportunity to refresh the Form visual identity (VI). Originally created for our inception back in 2014, the brand has seen little to no changes and we felt now was the time to look to refine what we have.

We are big believers that a brand shouldn’t make adjustments to its VI just for the sake of it, and that all changes should be well justified, however small. We decided to take it back to basics and look at every element of our brand not just from a visual point of view, but the business as a whole.

We spent a lot of time exploring different alternatives and visual identities, from a completely new visual style, palette and typefaces, to incorporating a new marque within the identity. However, every time we looked at it, we felt something wasn’t quite right.

In the end, we kept revisiting the ‘brackets’ within the word marque that we’ve had since day 1. We decided to keep these within the marque but refine and evolve it into something new.

This marks a really exciting time for us as we enter our 8th year of business, we've been very fortunate to work with some incredible people both as clients and collaborators and are very excited for what the future brings for us as a company.

Cameron Fraser, Managing Director

The next step was for us was to update all client facing marketing materials and documentation.

Along with the VI refresh we are proud to introduce the new form website, with our old site now 5 years old, we’d been preaching the old “cobblers shoes” excuse for too long and knew we needed to tighten up our digital presence.

This new site better represents where we are now as a company and highlights some of the key projects that we’ve been lucky enough to work on. We will be adding both new and legacy projects to the site over the upcoming months, with a focus on showcasing the processes behind delivering these key projects and how they went onto benefit the client.

We also had the opportunity to update our showreel click to the link below – pop the sound on and enter full screen mode for the best experience!

We’re all really pleased with the new look and feel of the brand, and can’t wait to share more as we roll it out over the next 6 months.

Let us know what you think!

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