Neon Century

Providing decisive intelligence to boardrooms around the world

Neon Century are a boardroom intelligence company who deliver valuable and decisive information to empower their clients in major business decisions. Through their unique capabilities and approach, Neon Century collects a range of business-critical information, from manufacturers to mergers, and distributes them to clients globally.

The Brief

It was our job to translate their unique offering into an elegant, usable website. Having recently refreshed their brand, we worked closely with the Neon Century team to establish their aims for the site, concluding that the priority was to showcase the breadth of talent in their extensive team and the personability of their approach.


Photography and interactive elements were quickly identified as key components, helping to pin down a solid design from the get-go. Working in collaboration with the talented photographer Christopher Cornwell, a precise brief was created to guide the direction of the photoshoot and ensure the correct photographic outcome for the site was achieved.

Through this photography, we were able to emphasise key aspects of the business. We knew that to meet the specification of the intended messaging, our photographic brief would need to be specific. An important facet of Neon Century’s services is its discretion, so we requested imagery that demonstrated client confidentiality and the exchange of business-critical information in the shot-list.


The site incorporates various interactive features, such as ‘magnetic buttons’ which increase engagement and encourage visitors to play, interact and explore the website, resulting in a more memorable site visit.

These interactive elements helped us succeed in creating an immersive site, something that Neon Century specified would be crucial for the new website’s intended impact.

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"The team at Form Digital have been fantastic to work with on our website design. Mark and Jasmine immersed themselves in our brand, ethos and values and were meticulous in ensuring that every detail was represented in the finished product. We trusted them implicitly and could not be more delighted with the result."
Cameron Colquhoun
Founder and CEO, Neon Century
Art Direction, Web
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